This page has details for you about the toiletries that may be provided to UCHC clients.

If you would like to provide the entire distribution of toiletries for a month, this will normally require 60 to 70 packages to ensure that every guest will receive a package.

If you canít make that many, we can help you combine your donation with another set of packages. Please contact tfaver at (@) to plan your donation. You will need to assemble each package in a ziploc bag, to be more convenient for our guests — and for UCHC volunteers in case we need to rearrange contents.

Feel free to supply additional toiletries not mentioned above!

You can also donate supplies individually or in bulk; we will assemble them into packages once we have sufficient amounts of each item. Just check with us to make a plan.

All toiletry items should be 'travel'- or 'hotel'-sized. Please note that each item has a link, which will lead you to the lowest-priced version we have found thus far.



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Last update: November 17, 2017.